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SHIFT is more than an acronym. It’s a mindset. It’s a way to connect student projects and learning to real world problems, issues and challenges in our community. SHIFT fosters a ‘Glocal’ approach – solving global issues locally. This is a vehicle for students, teachers and the community to come together and embrace new ideas and solutions for the community’s common good and progress. SHIFT implies change, action, vision and forward thinking. 

Whether you’re a student, teacher, staff or community member, the words in SHIFT could and should elicit some problems and ideas one can identify with in a variety of ways. Sustainability, Humanity, Innovation, Food and Technology can connect to so many of the challenges facing our local community, country and planet. But as daunting as many of these problems and challenges are, they also represent opportunity. Generating solutions to our problems not only makes our community, nation and world better, but also is the genesis for jobs in the 21st century. This type of learning represents the problem-solving, critical thinking and creative skills the world is demanding from our students. 

SHIFT is a way for us to challenge one another to go ‘Glocal’ so we can connect student projects and learning with making our community and world a better place for all.

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