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Opening in August 2024
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Alternative Education is a path to success for many students. We are focused on designing programs that peak student interest and elevate academic ownership and responsibility.  

Our Farber Campus will offer all students in Fresno Unified desiring an alternative setting a customized academic learning experience

Key Features of our campus include:

  • Personalized Learning Experiences including Problem and Project-Based Learning 
  • Civic Engagement and Civic Education Opportunities 
  • Career Technical Education Courses (Cyber Security, Public Services, Logistics, and Multimedia & Video Production) and Certifications
  • Credit Recovery and Credit Attainment Supports 
  • Dual Enrollment & Enrichment Courses 
  • Academic and Social-Emotional Supports 
  • Career Development and Job Support 
  • Community Collaborations, Connections, and Partnerships with Local Nonprofit Organizations and Others 
  • Service Learning and Volunteer Opportunities  

Carson Wood
Team Leader
Farber Educational Campus
Cell: (559) 352-9692
Michael Niehoff
Executive Director of Alternative Education/Instructional Division
Farber Educational Campus
Cell: (559) 287-4078

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Francine and Murray Farber

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Farber Educational Campus welcomes 3 schools

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Career Tech Programs at Farber
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Partner Directory

(Non-Profit and Community Organizations committed to working on
Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Projects with our students and staff)

Civic Engagement Workshop

At Cambridge on March 4th, 2024


“This was a great event that brought our community and teachers together! The wheels were turning in people’s heads thinking how to connect our youth with community partners to address the needs of their peers and the Fresno community.”

Michelle Orlup, Fresno Unified K-12 History/Social Sciences and Civic Learning Manager

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